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Canada's fabulous winter wonderland brings snow enthusiasts out in droves each year. From snowshoeing, to skiing, to snowmobiling and backcountry adventures, the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in the winter are endless! Before you seek out your thrills, be sure that you are well prepared for the potential dangers that come with playing in Canada’s snowy and icy environments.

This section gives you lots of information to help ensure that you are avalanche and tree-well aware, that you know what to write in your trip plan, and that you have all the essentials to make every winter outing safe and enjoyable.

Know Before You Go!

Wear your helmet: It is important to always protect your head when skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling and any other activity where there is a risk of falling and hitting your head.

Dress in proper layers: Proper layered dress can help avoid hypothermia, and covering your head, ears and hands with a toque, and gloves can help avoid frostbite.

Test ice: If you will be crossing ice during your activity, know how thick it needs to be before you cross. More information about activity-specific ice thickness is available.

Respect boundaries: Going “Out of Bounds” can get you into extremely dangerous terrain.

Be tree-well aware: Steer clear of areas near tree trunks, close to low hanging branches

Be avalanche aware: Always be aware of avalanche risks in your area. Check avalanche bulletins and practice rescue skills with transceivers, probes and shovels before you head out into the mountains!