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People travel from across the globe to experience world-class skiing and snowboarding on the incredible terrain of Canada’s mountains. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced there’s something for everyone!

Whether you escape after work to the local resorts or push the limits farther afield, make sure you know the Alpine Responsibility Code by heart.

Alpine resorts are bordered by wilderness, so don’t be tempted into thinking that there aren’t any hazards on the mountain. Canadian Ski Patrol and avalanche professionals are some of the best in the world and do their utmost to keep as much alpine area as possible safe and open for use.

If an area is closed – even if it’s your favorite run – respect the signage, steer clear and don’t ever ski out of bounds. Areas are closed for a reason…to keep you safe. Visit our Avalanche page to learn more about avalanche prevention, and our Tree-Wells page to learn more about tree-well injury-prevention

Always ski and ride responsibly!

The Right Gear

Download and watch the video Respect about the alpine code.

Download and watch the sking and snowboarding safety video A Little Respect—Think First.

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