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Cold, clear and inviting…three words often used to describe the vast and various bodies of water in and around Canada. Watersports addicts from around the globe flock to Canadian provinces to share the beautiful lakes, rivers and ocean shorelines with local enthusiasts. From fishing and boating to paddling and diving; from the sail sports to the board sports, Canadian waters have all the bases covered.

From boating regulations to cliff jumping cautions, this section gives you invaluable information to help make your aquatic adventure safe and enjoyable, regardless of your sport of choice.

Always leave a trip plan and make sure you take the essentials.

Know Before You Go!

Wear your lifejacket: It’s the most effective piece of safety equipment you can use while on the water. Most marine incidents occur quickly and without warning.

Be prepared: Carry the required safety equipment and ensure vessel preparedness. It could save your life on the water.

Be aware of cold water risks: The immediate effects of cold water immersion can be life-threatening.

Don’t drink and boat: For your own safety and the safety of others, you must to be attentive and responsive.

Take a course: Familiarize yourself with the area and activity in which you are engaging.