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Canada’s chilly coastal waters and protected coastlines boast an abundance of colourful marine life and superb visibility which draw SCUBA enthusiasts from around the globe. With several sunken artificial reefs and hundreds of boat and shore dives in its coastal waters, BC offers world-class diving.  And Atlantic Canada's 4 provinces, plus Quebec's Gaspe region, have more than 4500 shipwrecks between them., which area  huge draw for dry suit divers from all over!

Ensure you’re thoroughly prepared to explore these natural wonders:

  • Know your limits. Never dive beyond your training, equipment and capabilities
  • Check all equipment prior to each dive.
  • Learn and practice emergency procedures.
  • Think ahead and have a dive plan. Check charts and learn about local hazards, currents and tides. Consider an experienced and licensed guide who knows the area.
  • Check the weather and be prepared to call it quits if conditions are not good.
  • If you’re boat diving, ensure that you’re up-to-date on boating safety and regulations.
  • Always have a dive flag. When surfacing, listen and watch for boats and log booms.
  • Most important - always dive with a buddy.

Gear up and head out for the underwater adventure of a lifetime in Canada’s extraordinary coastal waters!

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