Canada’s beautiful coastlines and thousands of lakes and rivers offer recreational boaters a lifetime of recreation on the water. From simple one-day outings to elaborate multi-day excursions, from fishing to cruising, Canada’s world-class waters offer endless opportunities for adventure!

With any outdoor activity, there’s always an element of risk, and boating is no exception. Ensure that you’re prepared before you venture out and meet all legal requirements for onboard safety equipment:

Check the pages on power boating, paddling and sailing for guidelines and legal requirements specific to those type of water craft. For comprehensive inforamtion about regulations and guidelines for types of boating, visit the website.
The Right Gear

Taking the Essentials:
  • Flashlight
  • Fire making kit
  • Signalling device (i.e. whistle)
  • Extra food and water
  • Extra clothing
  • Navigational/communication devices
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency blanket/shelter
  • Pocket knife
  • Sun protection
Leave a Trip Plan with responsible party, family member or friend.

Take equipment specific to boating:

Courtesy Inspections

Transport Canada works with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons and other boating safety organizations to offer free courtesy checks for pleasure craft. If you agree to have a check done, a trained boating safety volunteer will board your boat to check out the safety equipment and other requirements, identify any problems and discuss general boating safety issues.

Education and prevention are the keys to this program. Since there are no penalties involved, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about boating safety and make sure you are ready to head out on the water. The knowledge you gain from a courtesy check will help you to stay safe on the water year after year. Visit the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons website for more information.

Photo: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism (banner); NWTT/Terry Parker

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