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Heading Outdoors? Leave a Plan.

NO ONE EVER expects to get into trouble outdoors. But, a turn in the weather, mistake in judgment, unexpected injury, equipment failure, or sudden nightfall can quickly change any recreational outing into a crisis. How prepared are you?

Have you completed a TRIP PLAN and left it with a friend or family member?

Completing a trip plan is extremely important. It explains your destination, travel route, equipment and expected return time. It is vital information to assist authorities searching for you in the event of an emergency.

If no one knows you are missing, no one will be looking for you.

Consider carrying a device compatible with your activity and location to call or alert others in an emergency.

Your chance of a successful outcome increases if your call is made as soon as possible.

Know the capabilities and the limitations of the equipment you are planning to use as your lifeline to survival.

Always leave your trip plan with a responsible party, family member or friend. They can notify authorities if you don’t return.

YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT! While on your trip, stick to the plan. In the event that you do not return as stated in your plan, it can be given to police and search and rescue organizers to help them find you.

Complete the online trip plan and leave it with a responsible person prior to an outdoor adventure. Or download the sample trip plan form and fill it out.

While Outdoors, Plan to be Safe

No matter what your outdoor pursuit, always take the essentials and know how to use them.