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Water Activities > River Sports

Your choice of quiet and contemplative,to wild and challenging is set on a pristine Canadian landscape that accommodates a great range of river sports. 

Choose from entertaining river sports like kayaking, canoeing or the new sport on the block, stand up paddle boarding (aka SUP). Those river sports and many more like them offer courses and instructors to help guarantee an exceptional experience.  

Having the right gear goes hand in hand with a great experience so be sure you’ve got the right equipment for the right sport.

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Weather Office

Weather Office

Weather forecast and alerts for Canada. Seasonal, marine, satellite view and extended forecast.

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River Surfing Canada

River Surfing Canada

River Surfing is surfing on waves in rivers. The most common type of river surfing is on Standing Waves. These waves are formed by the combination of fast moving water going over a drop or slope and the river bottom contours.

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