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Statistics show that each year across Canada there are approximately 5,000 ground Search and Rescue incidents. They involve all types of outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers and skiers to backcountry travellers and boaters.

AdventureSmart encourages you to have fun and play, but always be informed and prepared before you set out. Time spent gaining this extra knowledge and skills can help reverse the SAR incident trend.

Three steps to safety outside

By following three easy steps, AdventureSmart believes that outdoor recreationalists will significantly improve their chances of survival should they become lost or in distress.

  • Trip Planning. Plan your travel route. Know the terrain and conditions. Check the weather and always fill out a trip plan.
  • Training. Obtain the knowledge and skills you need before heading out. Know and stay within your limits.
  • Taking the Essentials. Always carry these essentials, and know how to use them. Add other equipment specific to your chosen activity, season and location.

Learn more about Outdoor Safety

The Survive Outside program offered by AdventureSmart is a great way to learn the value of preparation for safety in outdoor activities. Augment your basic outdoor survival knowledge by taking the “Survive Outside- A Guide to Outdoor Safety,” program offered by AdventureSmart.

  • The value of planning—a cautionary tale
    Follow our imaginary hiker Jo as she heads into the hills and illustrates each of the key elements of outdoor safety.

  • The trip plan
    Complete a trip plan and leave it with someone you trust so a search and rescue team will know where to begin a search if you do not return at the intended time.

  • Outdoor travel tips
    A summary of the most important outdoor survival considerations.

  • Taking the essentials
    What survival items do you think should be carried in your pack for any outdoor adventure, whether the duration is a few hours or several days?

  • Search and rescue in Canada
    The Canadian Search and Rescue system, how to alert them and what to expect

Survive Outside—A Guide to Outdor Safety

Augment your basic outdoor survival knowledge by taking the “Survive Outside – A Guide to Outdoor Safety” program offered by AdventureSmart. This brief presenter-led classroom program is targeted toward novice outdoor enthusiasts, youth groups, and everyone – young and old - interested in learning introductory outdoor survival practices from highly-experienced SAR volunteers and AdventureSmart team members.

In the Survive Outside program, you will learn about SAR in your region; Trip Planning, Training and Taking the Essentials, and other outdoor travel tips. Our seasoned, knowledgeable instructors help you tie everything together with scenarios and analyses of real-life SAR experiences.

Want to improve your AdventureSmart IQ? Contact us to request this program at your school or community group.

Contact us to request the Survive Outside program at your school or community group.

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