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AdventureSmart uses a network of presenters, primarily volunteers, to meet your presentation requests.

However, due to the popularity of our program, we can’t always meet the demand in your community. As such, we encourage parents, group leaders, and educators to use the resources below to deliver the message.


Snow Safety & Education must be delivered free of charge, and presentations can be adapted to fit the age of the audience, and the amount of time allocated to the presentation, as long as the two key parts are covered.

Using our instructor materials, those interested in Snow Safety & Education can learn about presenting key material, and offering a fun and informative presentation.

Click here to request a presentation, to be delivered to your group by one of our many trained AdventureSmart presenters.

If you would like to give the presentation to your group yourself, please see the suggested introduction, outline, and tips below.

Snow Safety & Education Presentation Outline

The Snow Safety & Education presentation has two parts:

On-hill ski/board safety

This part teaches ski hill safety to skiers and snowboarders, to prepare them for a school trip to a local ski hill, or a weekend at a ski resort with family and friends.

What do you need for the backcountry?

This part teaches skiers and snowboarders how to be prepared and stay safe while in unmanaged spaces.

Snow Safety & Education Presentation Details

Presenter Tips

Try to sit at the level of your audience so you are not talking down to them.

Be conscious that some audience members may have been affected by winter recreation incidents previously, and always discuss these topics with respect and sensitivity.

Use inclusive language (efor example, “skiing or riding”, “he or she”)

Presentation Resources

While some Snow Safety & Education information is available to all, registered members who participate in a presenter training session, and teachers, have access to additional content.

If you are interested in taking a Snow Safety & Education presenter training course and benefitting from customizable material, fillable certificates templates, and merchandise discounts, please click here.

Snow Safety Video: “A Little Respect—Think First”

Play the video “A Little Respect—Think First” during your Snow Safety Education presentation to help children understand the importance of being safe and respecting themselves, their peers, and the mountains while they are outdoors.

Click to watch the video

A Little Respect—Guide (PDF)

This guide provides detailed information that you can use to elaborate on the key messages in the video.

Snow Safety & Education Slideshow (PDF)

The Snow Safety & Education presenter’s slideshow offers key information and provides interesting images.

Ski Hill Signage Sudoku (PDF)

Download the Ski Hill Signage Sudoku game to help your participants learn about the signs and symbols they see on a ski hill.

Word Search (PDF)

First, find key terms and messages from the presentation, and then try and solve the secret message.

Download Presentation Resources

You can download presentation material from the list below, including a slide show and hi-definition versions of the videos. Please provide your name and email address for record-keeping purposes.

Download files from the following list:

File Title Size
A Little Respect-Brochure (PDF)1.6 MB
A Little Respect-Guide (PDF)1.8 MB
A Little Respect-Think First (VIDEO MP4)253 MB
Snow Safety Presenters Slideshow (PDF)1.8 MB
Snow Safety Sudoku181 KB
Snow Safety Word Search249 KB

If you know when you will present the program and who the audience will be, please provide this information for statistical reporting purposes.