Get informed & go outdoors

Spring has sprung!

More light in the mornings and evenings is a sign that spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner. Benefit from the extra daylight by taking a morning jog or an evening hike!

Well designed, signed and maintained trails and riding areas provide enjoyable recreational opportunities and significantly reduce the likelihood of injury. Respect public and private property, trespassing on historic mine sites can be extremely dangerous. Sites are not always marked so recreation enthusiasts must be aware of the dangers of unmarked mine shafts and open holes. Recreation enthusiasts could expose themselves to toxic air environments or poor ground conditions that are prone to cave-ins.

Make a plan

ATV riding

Dirt Biking & Quad Riding

Horseback riding

Heading Outdoors? Leave a Plan.

Completing a trip plan is extremely important. It explains your destination, travel route, equipment and expected return time. It is vital information to assist authorities searching for you in the event of an emergency.

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