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AdventureSmart, and its suite of five programs, is a national prevention program focused on reaching Canadians, and visitors to Canada, who participate in outdoor recreational activities.

In order to provide the largest possible number of Canadians and visitors to Canada with consistent and relevant safety information, and to ensure that opportunities to engage the public are maximized, AdventureSmart and its partners take a broad, encompassing approach to the delivery of adaptable safety information in-person, and online.

Through the collaborative efforts of our various partners, regional coordinators, and volunteers, AdventureSmart is dedicated to encouraging participants to “Get informed and go outdoors”.

AdventureSmart Organization


There are many organizations partnered with AdventureSmart, and AdventureSmart is always interested in facilitating partnerships with other groups.

There are a number of ways in which another organization can partner with AdventureSmart. Key Partners are involved in the management, development, support and delivery of AdventureSmart nationally; licensed delivery agents hold agreements to use and modify AdventureSmart content and materials based on their organizational mandate; delivery agents are involved with front line presentations of AdventureSmart, either within their organization, or externally; and content contributors provide AdventureSmart with useful information related to their area of expertise.

Current partners include:

  • Government of Canada – Public Safety Canada, Emergency Management Programs Branch
  • Paddle Canada
  • SAR Prevention Canada
  • Parks Canada
  • Avalanche Canada
  • Canadian Safe Boating Council
  • Province of British Columbia - EMBC
  • Province of Alberta – Alberta OFC
  • Province of Saskatchewan
  • Scouts Canada
  • Girl Guides
  • CCGA
  • Tate Products
  • Cober Solutions

Frontline Delivery

Within the management structure of the program, which includes key program partners and their roles and responsibilities, there are key positions:

  • Organizational Coordinators
    It is recommended that each partner organization have an Organization Coordinator or a main contact person who would be responsible for:
    • Overseeing all AdventureSmart related tasks and activities within their organization;
    • Coordinating resource requirements, such as material, presenters, etc. with other Organization Coordinators to ensure that Regional Coordinators are supported;
    • Ensuring that presenters affiliated with their organization adhere to the organization’s rules for insurance and liability;
    • Providing logistical support to their affiliated presenters and teams and;
    • Collaborating with SAR Prevention Canada to manage the production/purchase, storage and shipping of presentation materials, etc. for their organizational needs.
  • Regional Coordinators
    Currently all Regional Coordinators are Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada (SARVAC) members, but may, in future, be affiliated with any of the other partner organizations. Regional Coordinators are responsible for:
    • Overseeing all activities within their region, this includes training sessions, presentation request, outreach opportunities, etc.;
    • Coordinating and/or requesting additional resources/support through SARVAC;
    • Assigning presentation requests to any presenter in their region; and
    • Providing feedback to the Organizational Coordinators on trends for presentation requests and other data captured in reports in their region.
  • Presenters
    Recognized AdventureSmart presenters must belong to an organization that will provide insurance and liability coverage for their participation. Presenters must acknowledge and agree to the Presenter Agreement as part of the registration process on the AdventureSmart website. Presenters are responsible for:
    • Providing presentation materials as required, however, this can also be the responsibility of their organization;
    • Accessing program material on the AdventureSmart website to deliver current versions of the AdventureSmart programs; and
    • Submitting Presentation Reports for every presentation.

AdventureSmart Strategic Plan

Every 5 years, a new Strategic Plan for AdventureSmart is developed. The strategic plan outlines the vision, goals, objectives, components and initiatives of AdventureSmart for that term. View the 2012-2017 AdventureSmart Strategic Plan for more details.

AdventureSmart Brand Guidelines

The Government of Canada is the registered owner of the AdventureSmart trademark. Brand Guidelines have been established to manage the identity of AdventureSmart, and ensure consistency in messaging nationally. These guidelines provide the parameters under which AdventureSmart messaging occurs, including specifications for logo use, the sequence of key messaging (Trip Planning, Training, Taking the Essentials), and the theme colours for each of the 5 programs. View the AdventureSmart Brand Guidelines for more information.

To find out about Search and Rescue in Canada visit the Department of Public Safety Canada’s website.

For information on Ground Search and Rescue volunteers in Canada visit

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